Who’s Dennis



                             Just to let you know, I am a real person…. not someone hiding behind a keyboard!

My strategy in life is simple: to help others evolve and gain hope in their lives.

I grew up in Northern Michigan with a love of the great outdoors.

I went to college at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, located on the shores of Lake Superior. (Talk about cold winters!)

I traveled and worked in the southern US and ended up in Charlotte, NC. I loved it here because the beach and mountains are close by.

Then I went back to my family roots (my father and brothers were millwrights) and decided on a new course of life and went to welding school. This was a good decision. x-ray pipe welders are always high in demand. I always had opportunities and traveled coast to coast.

After years of traveling and living out of a suitcase I settled down in Charlotte.

Once I was older,..my lifestyle left something to be desired.

That’s when I started working on the internet.

I love helping others evolve and achieve success by doing the same on the internet as I am doing!